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Good news everybody! (Okay, kind of old news but äfgh!)

In our university we have this course where we have to create our own exhibition and naturally make art stuff for that.
Sooo... I'm making bunch of penisunicorns! Can you imagine how magical it will be? Small art gallery (or local bar) will be full of bright deformed unicorns with dicks on their heads!
I have so many ideas already and I'm going to do some remakes of my old penisunicorn works, i.e. Robocop riding penisunicorn. (that picture is in my webcam!) Oh god, I think I need to watch Robocop 3 while making that piece, to set the mood. That movie will definitely melt my brain, at least that's what happened last time.

And I'm extra excited because when I presented my idea, I didn't hear any complaints that I'm used to hearing from few of my school mates i.e. "eww", "no, Piri, no", "whaaaaaat" and just plain disgusted faces.
People actually giggled! And I don't think they laughed out of malice. Plus the teacher didn't seem to mind at all. I think that as a professional artist he has seen all kinds of shit and stuff and that's why he didn't give me the silent treatment I've received from other teachers when I have done something abnormal.
Even if somebody would have complained I think that I'm too deep in this amazing pile of retarded unicorns to give even one fuck about that.

Seriously, I'm actually doing something that I actually like doing and not just something that I think the uni wants me to do. Why didn't anybody tell me that this is possible!
Now I just need to actually make this happen. Eep!

I also need to come up with English counterpart for the name Kyrpäsarvinen, which is a combination of words 'kyrpä'(dick, cock, penis etc.) and 'yksisarvinen'(unicorn). Any suggestions? I think penisunicorn is nice, but eeeegh... Unicock, unidick, unicockcorn...? (Although unidick would be somewhat fun, because of the 'uni' part since I'm basically doing this exhibition to show the university how many fucks I give about their academic shit)


Suomineidot, kiltsis, kundit ja kaikenkarvaiset!
Oon edelleen vapaa ottamaan muutamat tilaustyöt vastaan kesän aikana. Infoa löytyy edellisestä journalimerkinnästä.
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Tulevan näyttelyn tilavuokra paljastuikin 30 euroa kalliimmaksi kuin, mitä mulle kerrottiin alunperin suostuessani näyttelyyn mukaan. Nyt tulikin aikamoinen rahapaniikki, minkä takia olisin ajautumassa tilaustöitä tekemään, mutta kuten otsikko jo hieman kyselee, niin: kuka tilaisi tilaustöitä tälläseltä tyypiltä?

Nyt olisi siis oivat tilaisuus huikkailla kiinnostustaan.
Tämä on siis vain harjoituskierros, eikä mitään lyödä vielä lukkoon, vaan enemmänkin tässä vain hieman haistelen ilmaa siltä varalta, että kannattaako tähän hommaan edes ryhtyä.
Itse ajattelin, että maksimisssaan ottaisin vain 6 tilausta vastaan, koska haluan pelata varman päälle ja mieluusti olla rohmuamatta itelleni tappourakkaa.

Alustava hintataulukko:

* A4, akvarelli yksinkertaisella taustalla, 15 euroa.
* A5, (sama kuin yllä), 8 euroa.

* A4, tussipiirros entistäkin yksinkertaisemmalla taustalla, 10 euroa
* A5, (sama kuin yllä), 5 euroa……
(Haha, anteeks, mutta mulla ei oikein galleriasta löydy "kunnon" esimerkkejä, mutta periaatteessa tussipiirros olisi pelkkä line art.)

Lopulliseen hintaan lisättäisiin sitten vielä tuo postimaksu sen mukaan haluaako tilauksensa normipostin kautta, vai extra-turvallisesti pakattuna.

En tiedä olenko hullu, kun pyydän tuollaisia hintoja, mutta eh. Näin pikaisella laskutoimituksella noita hintoja voisi sanoa liian halvoiksi. (kaverit varmaan ainakin haukkuvat, ku myyn taas halvalla)
  • Reading: George R.R. Martin - A Game of Thrones
  • Watching: HaatFilms on Youtube
  • Eating: candeeeeeeh.. burb
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max
I just thought it might be fun to hear some ideas of what people would like to see me draw.
So feel free to suggest anything and I might draw it. Even mature content.


I roam around the wast fields of internet: - comic blog (in Finnish, but sometimes in English) - PLAYER1 -nörttiblogi (in Finnish) - Dieselnorsu -zineblogi (in Finnish only) - Twitter (mostly in English but sometimes in Finnish) - Tumblr
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As some stalkers might already know, I've joined Twitter. I think it's much more fun than Facebook and my friends wont be annoyed that I update too often..which is because none of my friends are in Twitter.
So, if you want to know why I'm not doing anything here at DA, here's some links that might give you a hint. (But mostly I'm just playing Minecraft)


Comicblog (sometimes in English):

Game blog (only in Finnish at the moment):

I also have a tumblr account and other random blog at blogspot but those are pretty much dead. Trying to figure out what to do with those.
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Looong time since I last wrote a new journal entry. Oh wellps.

Well this one is new. I'm getting a lot more faves and comments since.. ever? Well, I have been somewhat more active than I have ever been so that's one reason. Not that I'm complaining! What I'm complaining about, other than Spotifys new time limits and shit, is my commenting habits : Too lazy! </oh the shame!>

I used to have determination to thank each and every people who have faved my works or put me on their watchlist and reply to all comments (if reply is needed or possible). But now, yet again, I have started to let myself slip. I think that 'Oh I will reply a little bit later when I come up with a witty comment' or something. And after I while I have a stacks of feedback messages that are at best months old.

And plus I have run into people here who are telling other users not to thank for the faves and such. What ticks me is that some people are telling this in a very rude manner.
So besides being ultimately lazy commenter, now I'm also told not to say my thanks. Silly people, I just want to be polite. But I do understand their point of views. If you often go on a faving-rampage it's only natural to get bunch of 'thanks for the fav!' -comments and it might get somewhat boring/annoying/blahblahbla. But seriously, if you fave dozens of works daily, then you are bound to have thank you -comments. Deal with it ( like a boss! )

But what I wanted to say is that even though I am extremely lazy commenter, I still love, cherish, make love to(wait what?!) each and every, comment, fave, watch, thing. So know that even though I rarely reply or thank, I still get really giddy and fluffy feeling inside! IT'S SO FLUFFY! :heart:

Also Red Dead Redemption comsumes me! It's awesome/tiresome/fluffy and cougars try to rip my intestines through my ass. I finally found a replacement for my Team Fortress 2 addiction.
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I joined Tegaki E yesterday after years of pondering. Now it just seemed right to join since my drawing skills are way better than what they used to be when I first saw Tegaki E. Plus I still got my lil' tablet working. :3… <- here's my Tegaki E page. :3

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Deleted, scrapped and deleted quite lot of shit because I didn't like them anymore. :<

I'm still somewhat active on my LiveJournal account. It's semi-f(r)iends only.

Kaikille suomalaisille (ja suomea ymmärtäville) henkilöille vinkiksi, että pistin pystyyn sarjisblogin. Siellä voitte seurata miun epämääräisiä merkintöjä omasta elämästäni tai sitten jostain ihan muusta.
Eli Piri-Piri pirisee tuolla ==>

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Oh my.
It's been over year now since the last time I updated this account. Sorry about that but I think this account will just be another ghost town without any resident. Although now I feel like I should upload all works I have on this computer. (which isn't much since this is new computer and I still haven't moved my files here..)

I'm more focusing on my Livejournal and Facebook accounts so you can always find me there if you want to. Just tell me where you know me from to avoid any confusion.

And for the love of.. Stop faving that old GNG -picture! I'll draw you some decent Gin fanart instead of that old piece of you know what.

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My new scanner doesn't work. :/
So what do we learn about this? Do not buy too cheap stuff. :P
It even refuses to print stuff so I don't know if it will ever work but I'll try to fix it. Or find the manual and see if it might have some sort of magical button that'll fix everything. 9_9

I guess I could try to draw something with my tablet. Oh btw! Our school has Wacom tablets that are three times bigger (and clearly better!) than mine is! And their Macintosh computers! I think I sold my soul there! :D Btw2 I'm also getting a macintosh laptop next month, at least I hope so. You'll never know if school screws up something and we might not get our laptops when we're supposed to. :P
But yeah.. I've never had a Macintosh in my life nor I had used one until monday. So I'm pretty excited. :D


Here's the link to my LJ ->
It's friends only but feel free to add me, I don't mind. :)


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